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Revamping Hemas Hospitals website


Hemas Hospitals


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Hemas Hospitals - an internationally accredited hospitals chain in Sri Lanka with a scope of healthcare services which revolves around patient safety and offering highly specialized medical care including tertiary and super specialty care at their state-of-the-art facilities in Wattala and Thalawathugoda.

Hemas Hospitals has a panel of over 300 visiting and resident specialist consultants and is equipped with the latest of technology and scans.

The web presence of Hemas Hospitals was not doing justice to the services offered and hence needed a website with a new look and a comprehensive list out of all the services and facilities available.



We have designed and developed a website focusing

on enhancing the usefulness of the website and giving more visibility to Hemas Hospitals:

Emergency contact number and appointment links are given prominence, placing them on the home page, top for best visibility.

Next set of important features, such as the lab network and 'ask a doctor' are represented as always accessible widgets which pop-out from the edge of the screen.

We have segregated the information about Wattala and Thalawathugoda hospitals individually and featured them as,

  • Hospitals and contact info.
  • Services offered
  • Packages available
  • Careers

Virtual tour of each hospital and every room/facility is made available for anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the location, especially international patients.

Separate page for international patience, highlighting information specific to them, including,

  • Services offered
  • Facilities
  • Relevant testimonials
  • Contact details specifically for their needs
  • Frequently asked questions.

'Ask a Doctor' is an informational portal where one can ask a question and this will be answered by a doctor. These questions and answers are all posted on the page to help anyone looking for information. This has been helpful to many in finding information and next steps for the symptoms they are experiencing.

In addition to this, 'Your Health' is a blog with posts on certain illnesses and treatment to educate the people who visit this website.



The new website has accomplished its objective in giving Hemas Hospitals the visibility and exposure they required as well as making the website more interactive in connecting with the audience. 

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