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Migrating Sri Lankan Airlines Web Properties to Cloud


Sri Lankan Airlines


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Sri lankan airlines is the national carrier of sri lanka and also a member of oneworld alliance

Sri Lanka airlines team had hosted the public booking website on premise servers and lately was receiving response complaints from users outside Sri Lanka.  The challenge was to reduce the latency and provide better performance to the users outside the Sri Lankan. 

Saberion provided the Hybrid setup for Sri Lankan Airlines website. We replicated the Sri Lankan Airlines Booking Website to AWS accessing Amazon Ec2, RDS, Cloudwatch and Route53 services. 

Using Route53 services Saberion setup the GEO based routing and placed the rules in which any user coming from Sri Lanka will be directed to Sri Lankan Airlines on premises Servers and any user coming outside of Sri Lanka will be directed to AWS servers. 

Below solution helped the Sri Lankan Airlines team have worldwide availability and scalability. Now Sri Lanka Airlines offers their customers to have quick and faster access to the booking website.


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