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LB Finance Website Revamp


LB Finance


Responsive Web Development with admin system, Strategy and Design Update


HTML5, JavaScript, PHP (Laravel) / MySql






LB Finance PLC is a prominent non-banking financial institution in Sri Lanka, specializing in leasing, hire purchase, loans, and other financial services catering to retail and corporate clients. Saberion was given the contract to revamp its corporate website in its journey to create a better experience for LB finance Customers

Challenges & Solution


The client faced several key challenges in their quest to revamp the website. Balancing the need for novelty with the existing website structure posed a significant challenge. The client wanted to introduce fresh elements while ensuring compatibility across different devices and platforms. With pressing timelines, efficient project management was necessary to meet deadlines.



To address these challenges, we proposed a multifaceted solution leveraging cutting-edge technologies and strategic design principles:

Interactive Website with AI-generated Images: To inject novelty, we incorporated AI-generated images that dynamically adapt to user interactions, providing a visually engaging experience.

Role-based Content Management System (CMS): We developed a robust CMS using PHP (Laravel) and MySQL, equipped with role-based access control, audit trails, and maker-checker functions. This allowed for seamless content management while maintaining accountability and security.

Branch Locator and Dynamic Network Mapping: Integration of the nearest branch locator and dynamic branch network mapping enhanced user convenience, facilitating easy access to physical locations.

FAQs and Downloadable Content: To cater to diverse customer needs, we implemented FAQs for various product types and downloadable content such as brochures and guides, enhancing accessibility and information dissemination.

Trilingual Support and Promotional Details: Recognizing the importance of language diversity and timely promotions, we ensured trilingual support throughout the website and incorporated features for periodic promotional updates.

Careers Page and Online Application: A dedicated careers page with online application functionality streamlined the recruitment process, attracting top talent and simplifying HR operations.

Online Inquiry and Lead Generation: Interactive inquiry forms and lead generation mechanisms empowered users to engage directly with the client, fostering a more dynamic customer-business relationship.

Results & Business Benefits

The implementation of our solution yielded significant results and tangible business benefits:

Increased Customer Engagement: The interactive elements and user-friendly design led to a substantial increase in customer engagement, with users spending more time exploring the website.

Detailed Product and Service Information: By providing comprehensive product and service details conveniently, the client enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

New Business Leads: The incorporation of lead generation mechanisms resulted in a steady influx of new business opportunities, expanding the client's customer base.

Flexibility and Adaptability: With a streamlined CMS and dynamic website features, the client gained the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing market dynamics and customer preferences.


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