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AGXA is an international trade and offshore business entity operating in Australia, Sri Lanka, India and Singapore.

AGXA relies on an Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to manage accounting, supply chain and other processes. AGAX had run the Oracle E-Business Suite–based system on their on premise servers for a few years and the ageing hardware was failing to meet business performance. 

AGAX decided to go ahead with public cloud instead of wasting time and money on their on premise server. Also soon determined that AWS is a cost effective public cloud solution and found Saberion on AWS Partner Finder to deploy AGAX Oracle ERP on cloud. 

Saberion provided a cost effective hosting solution for AGAX by providing EC2 Stop/Start method by putting up a cron job. Saberion has scripted a Cron Job for AGAX where the ERP instances will be stopped on every Friday night and again it will be started on Monday morning which would save cost for 48 hours a week for AGAX. 

The company is now achieving greater flexibility by meeting multiple business requirements and also recording a 15 percent reduction in total.

Saberion have also provided a data backing up solution using S3 for AGAX Sri Lankan team. In which Cloudberry tool is set up on the internal server and automatic sync is scheduled. Once the sync takes place all the objects in the selected directory will be synced to the S3 bucket. At the same time Saberion has taken care of the security part as well, AGAX has some sensitive data which should be carefully saved and Saberion has enabled the encryption option as well. 

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