Software & ERP Deployment on AWS

Benefits of deploying your Software & ERP systems to the cloud will help you continue to scale your operations. We help utilize the cloud to its best by architecting effective infrastructure.

  • Scalability: Appropriately scale cloud resources you use based on your ever-changing software requirements.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Pay As You Go, do not worry about having to pay for on-premise servers or infrastructure.
  • Redundancy & Disaster Recovery: Effective backup & disaster recovery environments can be configured and ready, and then scaled appropriately as and when required.
  • Quick Provisioning of Resources: AWS offers a wide range of services that can be instantly provisioned via the console at any time given time. Using scripting methods, activation and deactivation of these services can be automated.
  • Geographic Reach: Cloud makes it possible to host your application in data centers spread across the globe along with network traffic management features.
  • Ease of Deployments: Configure automated builds including the deployment of code, databases, automatic provisioning of servers, and automated testing of your application

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