Wijeya Newspapers digital properties migrates to the Amazon Web Services Cloud

Late December, 2015 – Saberion (Pvt) Limited moved the entire online portfolio of Wijeya Newspapers (Pvt) Limited, the largest publisher of online and offline media in Sri Lanka, comprising of over 30 popular digital properties such Lankadeepa, Daily Mirror, Mirror Sports, Tamil Mirror, Sunday Times, FT, LW, HI!TV and Wisden Cricket, onto the AWS Cloud. 

In providing the solution Saberion’s team of AWS certified architects and consultants  worked closely with their Indian counterparts at AWS to ensure the seamless migration of the solutions from their previous terrestrial hosting provider to the world to the Cloud. The entire progress was completed in under 3 months, which was a significant achievement given the complexity and sheer volume of data that was migrated during this period.

The result? We are proud to say that Wijeya Properties were amongst the few local news sites to survive the massive spikes in usage during the 2016 general elections. Saberion was also able to play a pivotal role in re-architecting the sites creating a separate content engine to allow faster load times and support more concurrent users.

“Our servers were able to automatically respond to scaling up resources at points of high usage and immediately scaling them down when this was no longer required in order to reduce billing. All servers are supported by our 24/7 server management service, able to immediately respond to issues and requests. Wijeya was further able to take advantage of our convenient local consolidated billing service that allows our clients to pay in Rupees and avoid unnecessary currency fluctuations”

Today the Wijeya Newspapers web properties are amongst the most stable online news websites. Ready to support up to 1000 concurrent users, while our 24 hour support and maintenance team works constantly on optimising the server architecture, introducing the latest technologies and mitigating any potential threats.