Acunetix – Saberion Partnership
Acunetix appoints Saberion as consulting and integration partner for Acunetix Web Vulnerability Software (WVS) to “combat the web vulnerability threat.”

Saberion is an authorized consultant and implementation partner for Acunetix web vulnerability scanner software. We are authorized to consult and resell the software in Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Australia, UK and the US.

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner is a tool designed to discover security holes in web applications that attackers could abuse to gain access to a business' systems and data. With Acunetix WVS websites can be regularly checked for vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting. The scanner ships with many innovative features such as: AcuSensor Technology, automatic JavaScript analyzer, Visual macro recorders and extensive reporting facilities, which include various compliance reports.
Contact us now to ensure that your web solution/application is free from threats that can potentially cripple your business and/or severely undermine your company’s credibility.