Virakesari – Express Newspapers PLC

A complete turnkey solution for Sri Lanka’s largest Tamil News publication

With Saberion more often than not most of our clients end up being life time collaborators. One project ends up being five more. As the digital landscape evolves with more and more services moving to the cloud, our consultants are able to help organizations in crossing the digital divide.

Express Newspapers PLC was one such client. After years of outsourcing their core IT infrastructure offshore we helped them migrate all their digital solutions to the AWS cloud in 2015. Our team also completely re-built their digital properties, integrating our very own custom built media engine into the solution to allow code optimization and more efficient content storage. With a brand new look and a more efficient backend, the new Virakesari solution was deployed in under a month.

In light of the success of this venture Saberion has developed a number of other solutions for the client including a mobile application, a news archival system, e-paper repository, bookshelf etc.