Its time to get your head in the Cloud

On the 24th of July 2018, leading web, mobile and cloud infrastructure service provider Saberion hosted a forum exclusive to C-level participants such as LankaClear, Capital Alliance, Seylan bank and Melstacorp PLC; all of which belong to the Banking and financial industry of Sri Lanka with the aim of encouraging such organizations to embrace cloud for their business transformation.
The Amazon web services cloud enables flexible and cost-effective solutions for banking and payments, capital markets, and insurance organizations ranging from startups to global enterprises. AWS aids in the reinvention and optimization of industries relationships with technology to improve go-to market speeds, automate and strengthen security, increase stakeholder value, improve customer experiences and lower costs. Such features have enticed financial services customers such as Captial One, FINRA ad Pacific Life to move critical workloads to AWS due to its proficiency in areas such as high performance computing, data analytics, digital transformation, security and compliance, and disaster recovery.
AWS also plays a role in the scalability, agility and security of the infrastructure which help organizations to focus on their core business functions rather than on auxiliary services such as compute and security.
Saberion as the local consulting partner help organization embrace cloud for its agility that helps organizations move-to-market much faster.