Saberion hosts Amazon Web Services CIO / CEO Summit 2016

Leading web and mobile solutions provider Saberion (Pvt) Ltd is gearing for a new wave in cloud-based solutions among Sri Lankan start-ups and enterprises following the recent launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in India last June.

Given its role as the AWS local implementation and consulting partner, Saberion announced that it will embark on a dynamic strategy of promotion and awareness building in Sri Lanka with a view to encouraging more local start-ups and enterprise-level clients to migrate to the cloud.

The campaign, which coincides with the celebration of 10 years of operations in Sri Lanka for Saberion, commenced with the hosting of the second annual Amazon Web Services CIO / CEO Forum aimed at linking existing and potential AWS clients with experts in the field to share their knowledge and experiences in shifting toward cloud-based computing.

With the opening of its centre in Mumbai, tech firms within the new AWS region, which will also serve Sri Lankan firms, are expected to garner substantial benefits in terms of lower costs and increased efficiency and mobility in relation to the use of AWS’s comprehensive range of cloud-based and technical support services.

“The opening of the new AWS region in India was a truly milestone development for Indian tech-firms in that even six months prior to the launch, there was a significant uptick in activity from such firms that were positioning themselves to take advantage of this vast array of Amazon cloud-based services and naturally this trend is continuing post-launch as well.

“In that context it is a very exciting time for Sri Lankan companies and of course the fact that Saberion marks a decade of operations this year makes it even more of a milestone for us. While many large-scale enterprises have invested in their own physical infrastructure in the past, we are extremely confident that the benefits of migrating to the cloud will become much more tangible with the opening of the AWS Mumbai centre and already there is a lot of enthusiasm from Sri Lankan corporates and start-ups over what AWS has to offer,” Mufaddal Lukmanjee, Co-founder Saberion (Pvt) Limited commented.

The Sri Lankan market currently accounts for approximately 300 AWS clients of which Saberion has provided implementation and consulting solutions to some of the country’s most dynamic and established users including Sampath Bank, MAS Holdings, Sri Lankan Airlines, Wijeya Newspapers, Express Newspapers,, and the Hemas Group.

AWS itself is internationally renowned as the clear leader in cloud-infrastructure service providers having recently been voted by Gartner as possessing the furthest completeness of vision and the highest ability to execute on a global scale.

Since its launch in 2006, AWS has rapidly gathered a clientele that comprises some of the world’s most successful international brands; a testament to the unrivalled service offering extended to AWS users. The system is able to dynamically scale its resource allocation relative to website traffic, allowing clients to keep their websites operating optimally during extended periods of high-traffic while lowering allocation in periods of low-traffic in order to provide greater cost savings to its clients when possible.

Such elastic scalability would not be possible for clients operating their own physical servers where an increase in capacity would require the addition of actual physical servers, ultimately resulting in greater cost to the organisation along with continuous allocation of resources towards the maintenance of servers.

“Saberion introduced AWS to Sri Lanka in 2013, however at the outset there was some reluctance to migrate to the cloud given that many of our enterprise-level clients had already invested substantial resources in their own in-house servers which generally have an asset depreciation of three years. They are now ready to advance to cloud-based services, which have improved with time in terms of the value they offer to users.

From the perspective of start-up businesses I think the case for migrating to the cloud is even more clear cut given that investments in physical infrastructure are quite costly and difficult to maintain. In that context, we are confident that this unprecedented level of access through AWS India will have a powerful revitalizing effect on Sri Lankan start-ups moving forward,” Sanjiv Alles, Co-founder Saberion (Pvt) Limited said.

Looking beyond web-hosting capacities, Saberion was also quick to highlight the untapped potential of AWS in Sri Lanka as it relates to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and independent work-flow systems, two features which Saberion will aggressively promote to its Sri Lankan client base in future.

Saberion (Pvt) Ltd is a leading web and mobile technology provider with offices in Colombo, Melbourne and Detroit. Founded in 2006, Saberion works with some of the largest local and international brands.