Wijeya Newspapers

Over 30 digital properties including websites from the Daily Mirror, Lankadeepa and Tamil Mirror to the reputed Financial Times and Wisden Cricket are all hosted by Saberion on the Amazon Cloud.

In providing the solution, our team of certified architects and consultants worked closely with our Indian counterparts at AWS to ensure the seamless migration of the solution from their previous terrestrial hosting provider to the Amazon Cloud. The entire process once started took close to 3 months to complete given the sensitivity of the data and was launched in time for the critical elections in 2015.
The result? We are proud to say that Wijeya Properties were amongst the few local news sites to survive the massive spikes in usage during election time. Saberion was also able to play a pivotal role in re-architecting the sites creating a separate content engine to allow faster load times. Finally and most importantly we reduced expenditure and provided a consolidated local billing solution for Wijeya which allowed them to better manage their cash flow.