MAS Holdings Corporate Solution

The winner of the Best Website of 2015 as awarded by the National Best Web Awards – was undoubtably our most detailed digital labor of love, crafted over a space of 12 months.

With a staff of over 30,000 people and a revenue of over USD 1.5 Billion, MAS Holdings poised a unique challenge to our team. Given the vast and diverse nature of the organization and the number of decision makers and processes involved, it was essential to efficiently manage development at every level. If we failed to capture this correctly we ran the risk of developing a solution out of sync with the organization and a mishmash both visually and structurally.

Our approach? Everything from the storyboarding, wireframing, design and development was presented and approved by the client. This helped us develop a product which brought together the best elements of the organization and which was co created by all its key personnel.

The end result speaks for itself – A cutting edge, one-of-its-kind solution that feels like a natural extension of the organization’s physical presence.