Interactive Agency / innovation
We Define the Rules of Engagement
As the gap between science fiction and reality draws ever closer, the reality of experiences like those in Minority Report are no longer a distant dream. With our custom built centrally controllable signage software, augmented reality technology and truly mobile innovation, we custom create interactive, digital experiences to be housed wherever your marketplace resides.

Welcome to Saberion Interactive Labs, our in house research and development team dedicated to future proofing your organization with innovation and cutting edge product development. Our growing list of clientele includes key local and international players looking for new ways of engaging their growing market base.

How? We believe that brilliance has no boundaries, whether you are based in Colombo or in the heart of the Silicon Valley by providing opportunity backed with experience and the latest in cutting edge tools, our team constantly think, research, build and deliver products that help you engage.
Supporting the Immediate Delivery of Dynamic Content and Video. On time. Everywhere.
It’s a well known Secret - Static Signage Just Does Not Have the Impact It Used To – the personalization of the message is the new gold in engagement. Saber Signage is our custom built platform which allows the central scheduling and distribution of almost any content to wherever your customers make decisions that affect you. Stream handpicked video, interactive banners, live messages, web based content, data feeds and text based alerts via the internet or 3G networks to screens and kiosks anywhere in the world.

Capture your audience’s attention, educate and inform your customers, build brands and drive sales through targeted dynamic messaging. Saber Signage is not only the most cost effective in terms of implementation but also one of the few solutions that do not require any expensive hardware / set up boxes to implement a fully functional signage network.
Switch channels from traditional television and video on your screens and engage with your target using custom created data captured, generated and updated using live data streams.
From live flight information, up to the minute currency exchange rates or even displaying rapidly changing information directly from your internal Management Information System, Saberion offers a whole new way of using your monitors. With Saber Live Data Stream Technology we transform your factory, office, lobby or shop floor into a dynamic and interactive environment guaranteed to increase productivity and create noise!

Our flexible, robust messaging platform interacts between internally / externally generated data and your preferred medium of output (monitor, mobile, web etc) displaying information on a custom branded, user friendly interface.

Our current implementations range from Hospital Channeling Solutions, Factory Floor Productivity Monitors and Ticketing Solutions.
Adding a Completely New Dimension to the In Store Experience
Most product labels do not have the capacity to educate the customer beyond the most superficially related information. Our in store Kiosk technology adds a new dimension to the shopping information, allowing users to browse, locate and explore product information through simple, user friendly, touch based interfaces. Moving further via the use of motion sensors, cameras and augmented reality we offer a different degree of engagement with the shopper by delivering quick and engaging store front experiences, grabbing the attention of the task-oriented shopper and drive the customer into the store, online or to a mobile Website.