We love Brands. We hate Advertising.
Most brand communication strategies fail because they fail to communicate with the intended audience. It's easy to waste a lot of time, money and energy on a brand that looks great but fails to engage. That's why we much rather focus on creating compelling conversation rather than just the traditional one way monolog. Our strategy and concepts engage the client on their terms, where they hang out, using the language they are comfortable with. We encourage them to share what they learn and then measure their response to see what we can do better next time.
branding strategy

Our specialized marketing consultants study your product, your company and your competition both locally and internationally, immersed into your corporate culture and understanding your current branding strategy completely. Once the initial brand strategy, milestones and targets have been agreed upon between the client personnel and our consultants, we then execute a coordinated offline and online marketing campaign on your targeted audience.
Our online and offline core branding services include
  • Design and development of all marketing material, banners, brochures etc
  • Planning and implementing new media strategies
  • Planning and implementation of online and offline promotions and events
  • Management of Social media profiles and coordination of online promotions
  • Monitoring and analysis of feedback, suggestions and analytics
  • Utilizing Guerilla marketing techniques to ensure cost effective results
branding products

Our comprehensive portfolio of branding products also include a fully functional digital and print lab, allowing us to streamline the entire process and offer competitive rates and timelines to our clientele.
  • Corporate - logos, letterheads, brochures, catalogs, presentations and corporate video
  • Retail - labeling, packaging, brochures, advertisements
  • Print - offset, screen, digital, sticker, banner
  • Cards - plastic, proximity, lasernex ID, loyalty cards, visiting cards, menu cards