Hemas FMCG Mobile Application

Hemas PLC – Sri Lanka’s largest pharmaceutical distributor contracted Saberion to custom develop an android based mobile application that connects their legacy web based backend to their salesforce.

Saberion is proud to be amongst the first native android and IOS development services providers in Sri Lanka, maintaining a fully fledged in house mobile services team from 2009. Our focus has always been in the marriage of mobile and web technology – a competency that certainly helped in the development of the Hemas FMCG Application.
With over 200 personnel across the island and unique discounting and operational requirements, the Hemas solution was one of the biggest and most complex mobile applications development projects at the time it was developed.

The previous software written for rugged handhelds and archaic palmtop based devices was very limited in functionality and given the high cost per device resulted in a high replacement cost each time for loss or damage on the field. In order to overcome this the entire logic was rewritten with new functionality available on the latest Android OS including GPS, queuing and cloud based processing. We also built the application to run off low cost android devices.

Deployment and training was undertaken at the Hemas premises with an initial limited rollout followed by a Nationwide deployment shortly after.